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Thanksgiving Meltdown w/ all the trimmings...

What can be said about this huge team meltdown. Every aspect of the Cowboys played horrible. The Cowboys had key bad plays on Special Teams, Offense and Defense. Penalties and Turnovers also decimated the Cowboys. NO ONE played well...Richie Anderson was the only glimmer of light, and that was it...

Toby Gowin continues to struggle - its time to get someone in to replace him. What a complete bust! We need someone that can punt more than 25yrds...

The Running game - what's new, we cannot run the ball, thus the best defenses are going to double team our wideouts. If we end up making the playoffs, we won't get far with passing the ball the entire game.

This was a key game for us, and we lost BIGTIME. What happened to our #1 defense? Well it was picked apart by feidler &co.

For now, we (8-4) drop to 2nd place in the NFC East. Let's hope the (8-3) Panthers beat the (8-3) Eagles this Sunday,... if not, we will do it for them the following week.

Next Game: Not this Sunday, but the next - Cowboys at Eagles


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