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Pats vs. Cowboys - NO OFFENSE

Well, what a dissapointing game. As usual, our defense continues to shine, but our offense stumbles. It appears that our offense won't be able to move the ball against good defenses - case in point: The Bucs and Pats. AND we play Carolina next week!

To top that off, the offense has way too many penalties. Our offense is not good enough to move the ball on 2nd & 20, etc.

The running game is stagnant, we had to completely abandon it in the 2nd half.

The special teams play was horrid.

AND one thing I am noticing is the bad plays of Antonio Bryant. Everyone seems to be high on Bryant, but he drops way too many key balls!!! Bryant is reminding me of Alexander Wright, remember Wright? Fast and made a couple of good catches, but in the end he would drop too many passes!

If Bryant doesn't get his crap together, he's going to be gone.

One thing is for sure, we DO NOT have a running game. And without a running game, defenses can double team and shutdown our receivers.

So, we dropped a game, and now we are tied with those sorry eagles who happen to be peaking and are on a hot roll.

At 7-3 and 6 games to go, if we can win at least 3 of those 6 games we will be in the playoffs as a wild card. The playoff picture in the NFC should start to clear up in the next 3-4 weeks. By then we will have played Carolina, Miami, Philly,and the Skins, then finish the year with games with the Giants and SAints.

My prediction on how we will fair: 10-6 or 9-7 with a wild card

Next game: Dallas at home vs. Carolina Panthers


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