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Cowboys Defeat Panthers!

Yes, the Cowboys showed up and played a hell of a game. This win was huge, with this win we move atop the NFC at 8-3. The Cowboys played good defense, and finally were able to move the ball against one of the premier defenses in the NFL.

After the game ended, Parcells praised his team, stating this was a "big game, our boys played well"...

There are other teams with the same record as the Cowboys: Eagles, Panthers, and Rams.

The Cowboys play their traditional Thanksgiving Game on Thursday against the struggling Dolphins. Kickoff is at 3:05 CST

Another key game this weekend is going to pit the Eagles vs. Panthers. I will be routing for the Panthers. Its a known fact that the Eagles have also struggled against the top defenses in the league. They have pulled out a couple of games, on some luck. I don't think they will be the Panthers, but we'll see what happens.

Chatter of Home Field advantage is starting up - although it is still too early to say, it is beginning to as a real possibility.

Next Game: Cowboys vs. Dolphins (Thanksgiving Tradition Game)


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