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Thanksgiving Meltdown w/ all the trimmings...

What can be said about this huge team meltdown. Every aspect of the Cowboys played horrible. The Cowboys had key bad plays on Special Teams, Offense and Defense. Penalties and Turnovers also decimated the Cowboys. NO ONE played well...Richie Anderson was the only glimmer of light, and that was it...

Toby Gowin continues to struggle - its time to get someone in to replace him. What a complete bust! We need someone that can punt more than 25yrds...

The Running game - what's new, we cannot run the ball, thus the best defenses are going to double team our wideouts. If we end up making the playoffs, we won't get far with passing the ball the entire game.

This was a key game for us, and we lost BIGTIME. What happened to our #1 defense? Well it was picked apart by feidler &co.

For now, we (8-4) drop to 2nd place in the NFC East. Let's hope the (8-3) Panthers beat the (8-3) Eagles this Sunday,... if not, we will do it for them the following week.

Next Game: Not this Sunday, but the next - Cowboys at Eagles


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Cowboys Defeat Panthers!

Yes, the Cowboys showed up and played a hell of a game. This win was huge, with this win we move atop the NFC at 8-3. The Cowboys played good defense, and finally were able to move the ball against one of the premier defenses in the NFL.

After the game ended, Parcells praised his team, stating this was a "big game, our boys played well"...

There are other teams with the same record as the Cowboys: Eagles, Panthers, and Rams.

The Cowboys play their traditional Thanksgiving Game on Thursday against the struggling Dolphins. Kickoff is at 3:05 CST

Another key game this weekend is going to pit the Eagles vs. Panthers. I will be routing for the Panthers. Its a known fact that the Eagles have also struggled against the top defenses in the league. They have pulled out a couple of games, on some luck. I don't think they will be the Panthers, but we'll see what happens.

Chatter of Home Field advantage is starting up - although it is still too early to say, it is beginning to as a real possibility.

Next Game: Cowboys vs. Dolphins (Thanksgiving Tradition Game)


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Keyshawn Johnson Forced To Sit Out

This may be nothing of concern, but who knows. Reports state that Buc's coach Jon Gruden has been extremely unhappy with Keyshawn's comments against Gruden and the organization.

Gruden has deactivated/suspended Keyshawn for the remainder of the season. The Buc's state there is no use is releasing Keyshawn since he is still under contract the rest of the year.

Interestingly enough, Keyshawn has reported that he has placed his home up for sale. In addition, Keyshawn has stated he wants to play under coach Parcells in Dallas.

Let's keep an eye on this and see what happens.


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Pats vs. Cowboys - NO OFFENSE

Well, what a dissapointing game. As usual, our defense continues to shine, but our offense stumbles. It appears that our offense won't be able to move the ball against good defenses - case in point: The Bucs and Pats. AND we play Carolina next week!

To top that off, the offense has way too many penalties. Our offense is not good enough to move the ball on 2nd & 20, etc.

The running game is stagnant, we had to completely abandon it in the 2nd half.

The special teams play was horrid.

AND one thing I am noticing is the bad plays of Antonio Bryant. Everyone seems to be high on Bryant, but he drops way too many key balls!!! Bryant is reminding me of Alexander Wright, remember Wright? Fast and made a couple of good catches, but in the end he would drop too many passes!

If Bryant doesn't get his crap together, he's going to be gone.

One thing is for sure, we DO NOT have a running game. And without a running game, defenses can double team and shutdown our receivers.

So, we dropped a game, and now we are tied with those sorry eagles who happen to be peaking and are on a hot roll.

At 7-3 and 6 games to go, if we can win at least 3 of those 6 games we will be in the playoffs as a wild card. The playoff picture in the NFC should start to clear up in the next 3-4 weeks. By then we will have played Carolina, Miami, Philly,and the Skins, then finish the year with games with the Giants and SAints.

My prediction on how we will fair: 10-6 or 9-7 with a wild card

Next game: Dallas at home vs. Carolina Panthers


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Another victory for the 'boys. We are now sitting atop the NFC East as 7-2 !!!!!! The rest of our schedule will definitely be a huge test. Lets hope we continue onward to the Playoffs!

Coach Parcells has really brought this team up from the ashes. I would have to vote to make Parcells coach of the year.

Biggest surprise of the year: Quincy Carter - QC has really turned it around, and seems to improve every game. Looks like great coaching and strong work ethic are getting Carter were he needs to be.

Biggest disappoint of the year (so far): Zuriel Smith - Smith looked promising, but after some fumbling, he landed himself on the bench or on the inactive list.

Next Game: Dallas at New England