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Wow what an amazing game. The monday night football game definitly was a nailbitter. It had a lot of ups and downs, but the win is what matters in the end. Carter really played some clutch football when we needed it. I was truly impressed with his gameplay. This game was a great test for Carter & Co., we need consistancy from them the rest of the year.

What about Billy Cundiff!, Man him showed up and came in the clutch too. I think Parcells will have an easier bye week since Cundiff and QC both played very well.

DT Willie Blade was in the starting lineup, back from an injury from the preseason. He looked quite impressive. He needs to get his stamina back up though.

We have a bye week for week 3, this should help the team rest any injuries we may have.

Week 3 bye week, Week 4 we play the Jets back to NY for Parcells. I think we can win this game as well.

*as a side note, how 'bout those eagles, lol. I love it 0-2.


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